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About us

Who we are:
Grelliz is a young label based in South Tyrol, which designs, develops and manufactures backpacks, bags and accessoires.

Our motivation:

Grelliz is a dream, an adventure, a process.
Our story began with the simple wish to create unique products of high quality in loving handcraft.

In this day and age it is worth a lot to know who is involved in the production process and how much time it takes to create a product. We believe in the importance of the origin and quality of the materials we use.

All of grelliz's products are hand-made in our small workshop in South Tyrol. Our craft lives on love of detail, patience and care. Each item is unique - there are no two identical ones. We use high quality materials only, wherever possible natural fiber fabrics, to achieve great sustainability through durability.
This is why our products are long-lasting and reliable companions in your daily life.

What makes grelliz's products so unique and special are the materials they are made of, but even more importantly it is how they are made. This production process is the core and the heart of our work.

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